United Rentals Announces Drive-Up Service, Clean Equipment

United Rentals is offering drive-up service to allow customers to maintain social distancing when renting equipment, which has been disinfected.

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United Rentals is giving customers more options to rent equipment safely and efficiently.

During the COVID-19 crisis, is offering "contact-less" drive-up, in addition to delivery, at one of its over 1,100 branch locations.

Customers can opt for a contact-free drive-up experience to help keep them safe.

Disinfected Equipment

Prior to equipment being rented, United Rentals employees conduct a variety of safety and mechanical checks to assure the equipment functions correctly and safely.

In addition to these routine checks, the company now disinfects the equipment. United Rentals uses US EPA-approved disinfectants and follows manufacturers’ instructions on application to spray and/or wipe commonly-touched surfaces necessary to operate tools and machinery.

In particular, United Rentals focuses on things like controls, buttons, latches, knobs, grab handles, operator seats, seat belts and buckles.

At the Worksite

If United Rentals is dropping the equipment off to the customer, drivers will now perform a “last touch” precautionary disinfecting of the equipment. They will use an EPA-approved disinfectant and will spray or wipe the surfaces touched by the driver when delivering the equipment.

United Rentals has communicated with employees on disinfecting equipment, practicing good personal hygiene and social distancing and the proper disposal of wipes, towels and any other personal protection equipment they use in connection with delivering the equipment.

For specific questions about these procedures, or on any topic associated with how United Rentals is handling the COVID-19 crisis, email CovidCustomerQuestions@ur.com or reach out to your United Rentals representative.