ABLE Equipment Rental Appoints Vice President of Sales Operations

Stacy Irons is ABLE's new VP of sales operations and will be responsible for managing and overseeing all aspects of the company's sales operating functions including process improvement.

Stacy Irons

ABLE Equipment Rental, a supplier of construction equipment rentals, sales, service, and parts, located in New York, has appointed Stacy Irons as vice president of sales operations. Irons joins ABLE with more than 27 years of experience in both sales and management.

With a focus on safety, revenue growth, strategic management, and team building, Irons has a record of sales growth at the local and national level. She has built winning teams with a strong commitment to coaching, teaching, process improvement and organizational partnerships. Her emphasis on developing talent and building organizations as an active leader has enhanced her ability to consistently deliver results.

"Throughout her career, Stacy has developed and implemented plans to successfully capture greater portions of market share," said ABLE's COO Chris Pera. "She succeeded by expertly devising proactive responses to ever-changing market conditions. The ABLE team is excited to have Stacy onboard [to] lend her expertise and experience to our rapidly expanding organization."

Information provided by ABLE Equipment Rental and edited by Alexis Brumm.