California Speeds Sidewalk Construction With Environmentally Friendly Forms

Poly forms can be used up to 200 times making them a more sustainable option than wood

Partially completed sidewalk shows forms in place in foreground and removed in background
Partially completed sidewalk shows forms in place in foreground and removed in background

The IWL (Inmate Ward Labor) Supervisor at the California Institution for Men and the California Institute for Women (both in Chino, CA) is constantly on the lookout for ways to improve productivity and quality on the job site.  After becoming aware of Poly Meta Forms, he immediately thought this product could be a “game changer” for the multiple concrete sidewalks, slabs and curbing projects inside the prison.

The intuition of the IWL Supervisor proved correct. Not only did the lightweight poly forming system allow faster and easier concrete construction, but the State of California also was impressed with its sustainable and environmental features. The wood forms used previously could be used only two or three times before they had to be discarded, while the poly forms can be reused up to 200 times.  Also, in comparison to wood, the poly forms are easier to clean and transport. 

The State of California has made a considerable investment in Poly Meta Forms based on their sustainability and environmental advantages, as well as the simplicity and ease of setting, stripping, cleaning and transporting them.  The total amount of lineal feet purchased amounts to almost two miles of forms: 2,880' of 4” flexible forms, 1,800' of 4” straight forms, 2,640' of 6” flexible forms and 2,520' of 6”straight forms. The forms, manufactured by Metal Forms Corporation, of Milwaukee, WI, weigh 50% less than wood and are uniform in height. They are easy to adjust horizontally and vertically by simply loosening the wedge on their steel pockets.