Report: Drones Could Replace $45B in Infrastructure Services

A report released by PwC estimates that commercial applications for drones will replace a total of $127 billion worth of services and labor “in the very near future.”

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The application of drone technologies in existing business processes is allowing companies to create new business and operating models. Each industry has diverse needs, and as a consequence requires different types of drone-powered solutions and various drone functionalities. Some of them value flight speed and payload capacity, while others wish to concentrate on solutions delivering high-quality, real-time data in a cost-effective way.

According to the PwC report, the addressable market value of drone powered solutions is over $127 billion. This is the value of current business services and labor that are likely to be replaced in the very near future by drone powered solutions, according to PwC predictions. The industry with the best prospects for drone applications is infrastructure, with total addressable market value of approx. $45.2 billion.

See the full report from PWC here.