Green Seal Products Now Searchable in GreenWizard Database

GreenWizard will promote Green Seal Certified Building Products, making them searchable in its expansive database

GreenWizard – a cloud-based product management and project collaboration solution that simplifies building efficient, healthy, and sustainable buildings – today announced that it has formed a business partnership with Green Seal, bringing yet another national standard-setting organization into GreenWizard’s expansive database and workflow platform.

With this new alliance, Green Seal, a widely admired green standard-development and certification body, will work with its participating manufacturers and GreenWizard to load their building product data into GreenWizard.  The availability and associated flagging of Green Seal products and standards within GreenWizard will facilitate specification of those products into the potentially billions of dollars worth of green and code-based construction already existing within GreenWizard.  Moreover, Green Seal certified products will be searchable within GreenWizard’s workflow tools and database through a wide variety of product attributes, making them easy to find and specify with even a general keyword search.

“GreenWizard makes products searchable by attribute and third-party certification, so it makes perfect sense that Green Seal should partner with GreenWizard and help facilitate the further inclusion of our manufacturers’ products into the GreenWizard database,“ said Green Seal’s Linda Chipperfield.  “We’re also looking forward to the market access that GreenWizard will offer to our certified-product manufacturers.”

“Green Seal has long been a product standards and certification leader in the green building sector, and it’s only natural that the products they certify should be searchable within the GreenWizard platform,” said GreenWizard’s founder and CEO Adam Bernholz.  “Since Green Seal is so widely recognized within the AEC industry, and is a referenced LEED and code standard, we are confident that these products will experience immediate uptake by specifiers and design professionals in the green building community.”

About Green Seal, Inc.

Green Seal is a nonprofit organization founded in 1989 with the mission of safeguarding human health and the environment. Green Seal is a science-based standard development and certification body that is accredited by the American National Standards Institute. Products only become Green Seal-certified after rigorous testing and evaluations, including on-site audits. For additional information or to contact Green Seal Inc., call (202) 872-6400 or visit

About GreenWizard

Now a LEED® Automation (a.k.a. App Lab™) partner, GreenWizard is a comprehensive product management software and project collaboration provider that enables the design and construction community to better manage products and project data, collaborate on projects, assess LEED design and construction credits, integrate with LEED Online, and archive projects.  GreenWizard’s tools simplify the process of building efficient, healthy, and sustainable construction projects.  AEC firms are able to utilize GreenWizard’s interactive and dynamic tools to collaborate on product data and documentation, which is supplied and updated directly from manufacturers.  Building owners, architects, engineers and contractors can use GreenWizard’s WORKflow® Pro solution at any phase of a building project.  The Charleston, SC-based company was founded in 2008. Follow GreenWizard on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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