Truck Wear and Tear Checklist

Check for the following items when considering used vocational trucks.

The impacts of vibrations and jarring can weaken a vehicle and lead to prematurely fatigued or broken parts. David Hames, Daimler Trucks North America, recommends checking for the following items on vocational trucks:

Compromised cab mount isolation and bushings -- The truck needs well-designed engine and cab mounts to isolate the engine from the passenger cabin.

Poorly maintained suspension systems -- Vehicle suspension systems isolate the chassis from the road, and a cab suspension isolates the cab from the chassis. However, road vibration and jarring terrain can't be eliminated. It's important that truck components in general are structurally stiff and mounted in a stiff way.

Compromised structural integrity/frame rigidity -- Structural stiffness, both of the frame assembly and all its crossmembers, is important to overall vehicle life.

Driveline imbalances -- When the driveline components' working angle is out of line, it can cause further damage to major components, such as the transmission or difDamaged wheel ends -- The tires, wheels, drum and hub can be impacted by road quality, terrain, weather and driver performance. They need to be maintained to ensure the integrity and productivity of the vehicle.

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