Airplaco Equipment

Cincinnati, OH 45226

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4141 Airport Road
Cincinnati, OH 45226
Phone:(513) 321-2950
Fax:(513) 321-8178

With over 60 years of quality product design, manufacturing, and service experience, Airplaco Equipment accommodates customer needs worldwide. If your are looking for heavy-duty pumps for spraying concrete, grouting, plastering, shotcreting, concrete pumping, raising concrete, leveling concrete, lifting concrete, filling masonry block walls, placing pea rock, spraying plaster, spraying stucco, fireproofing, pumping EIFS or pumping concrete slabs, Airplaco has them. Customers can take advantage of on-the-job training either before purchase or with your new equipment. We want to make sure each customer has the best chance to succeed from the first time they start up their concrete pump, grouting pump, shotcreting pump, plastering sprayer, stucco pump, or mudjacking pumps.

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Tom Norman
Regional Sales Manager
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