DumperDogg Pickup-Truck Dump-Bed Inserts

Steel dumping-bed inserts for pickup trucks fit both 6- and 8-ft. truck beds, polymer option for 8-ft. truck beds

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DumperDogg dump-bed inserts are available in 12-gauge steel and 304 stainless steel for both 6- and 8-ft. truck beds, as well as in polymer for 8-ft. truck beds.

  • Capacities from 1.5 to 2 cu. yds.
  • 6,000-lb. payload
  • Tethered control box allows operating the 1.5-kW hydraulic pump and motor from inside the cab 
  • Dump angles up to 40°
  • Double-pivoting, removable tailgate; safety bar and tailgate chains

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