HiVol Hard Rock / Ore Bodies

Hard Rock Ore Body 10850137
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HiVol Hard Rock / Ore truck bodies feature a unique, reduced-weight design to keep operators comfortable while allowing trucks to haul highly abrasive material at maximum capacities. The design also minimizes carryback and maintenance requirements.

  • Customizable to customer's specifications
  • Patent-pending hydrophobic steel liners in front corners and front thrid of body slope repel moisture
  • Body tapers from front to back
  • High-abrasion liner in rear third of floor
  • Reinforced body side top rails are half sections of rounded pipe that tie the inside steel plate to the outside plate at the top and cover the gap between them
  • Outside steel plates taper inward near the top
  • Steel bolsters run from side to side under the body floor
  • Body Lifting System: four removable free-floating lifting eyes made of 450 Brinell steel for temporary integration into the floor of truck body
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