Crysteel A-Tipper Aluminum Dump Body

Incorporates minimum welds, innovative features and a modern aerodynamic design

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The A-Tipper aluminum dump body features a strong crossmember-less understructure with 8-in. longsills and a 1/4 integrated, tapered cab shield, which enable a weight reduction of 200 lbs. per body.

  • 3/16-in. lightweight aluminum offers increased payload capacity, corrosion resistance and lower maintenance costs
  • Tailgate design incorporates independent tailgate latching, minimal welds and a 3/8-in. stainless steel handle
  • Positive independent locking latches allow users to easily drop the tailgate, spread-through or simply remove
  • Standard rigid sides with single panel reverse bend, tarp mounting provisions and integrated receivers, 6-in. board pockets and LED lighting with one-piece wiring harness
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