Philippi-Hagenbuch Material Spreader Body

Couples the Rear-Eject Body with a material spreader attachment to spread road grit, sand or other material up to 2+ in. in size

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The Material Spreader Body is designed primarily for mining but with benefits in a variety of applications, including construction, aggregates, quarries and landfills. In addition to mine haul road maintenance, it can improve the safety and traction of icy haul roads in winter by applying road grit, and easily tackles deteriorating road areas during the spring thaw by spreading repair material and building up areas.

  • Couples the Rear-Eject Body with the material spreader attachment
  • Attachment easily spreads road grit, sand or other material ranging in size from very fine to more than 2 in.
  • Material spreading width adjustable from the truck cab from about 15 to 60+ ft.
  • Optional top-loading grizzly screen controls the maximum size of the material being spread
  • Features Hardox 450 steel construction
  • Attachment can be easily installed or removed from the body within about two hours


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