Stellar Unveils Hybrid Power Source (HPS)

The HPS allows companies to reduce their carbon footprint by operating hydraulic equipment without the use of the chassis engine.

American Eagle Hps
Stellar Industries
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American Eagle introduces the American Eagle Hybrid Power Source (HPS), a self-contained hydraulic power source that utilizes automotive-grade lithium-ion technology to provide a system that is low-voltage, anti-idle compliant and quiet during operation. The HPS allows companies to reduce their carbon footprint by operating hydraulic equipment without the use of the chassis engine.

Using the reliability of Volta lithium-ion technology, the American Eagle HPS offers robust power for hydraulic equipment operation, up to eight hours of run time and more than 10 years of life. With 13.5 kWh of output, operators will have plenty of available power to meet their equipment needs.

The HPS is always ready with multiple options to keep the unit charged. It comes equipped with an integrated 48V chassis alternator, allowing the system to be charged from the chassis on site or while driving to the next job site. Shore power charging is also an option with a standard 120V, 15-amp connection to enable the unit to slow charge while parked for the night or when chassis engine charging is unavailable.

When using the HPS, the system allows for 100 percent emission-free operation, reduced fuel consumption, decreased engine maintenance costs, quiet operation, and compliance with idle mitigation requirements because the chassis engine is no longer needed during equipment operation.

The utilization of a 48V system enables the entire unit to qualify as low-voltage, removing the need for compliance with high-voltage placarding. This is key as fleets evaluate the use of an electrical power source and the impact to their operators.

The HPS is prepared for multiple climates with internal thermal protection to protect the energy packs’ core temperature in extreme heat or cold. The system also comes equipped with a heating system that will automatically activate to keep the unit’s core temperature above the minimum for charging.

Simplicity in upfitting a fleet is made easy when it comes to the fully self-contained HPS unit. Weighing only 790 lbs. and measuring 47 in. long x 21 in. wide x 28 in. high, the system can be sidepack-mounted or mounted in the loadbed, lengthwise, making it the perfect addition to any work-truck package.

“As the need for hybrid technology continues to grow in the markets we serve, we are excited to bring the HPS to our customers,” said Tim Worman, Product Manager at Stellar Industries. “The capabilities of the HPS will enable fleets to upfit their vehicles to meet sustainability targets, while providing the power needed to operate their hydraulic equipment.”