Vanair Viper Diesel D80

Vanair Viper Diesel Rotary Screw Compressor Provides Compact Package

Viper Diesel Cmyk 11327485
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The Viper Diesel D80 80-cfm rotary screw air compressor delivers enough power to operate 90-lb. jack hammers as well as 1 1/2-in. impact wrenches.

  • Compact footprint small enough to fit behind the cab of a vehicle or be mounted on the side pack
  • Provides the ability to turn off the truck while still being able to have access to air
  • Infinitely variable throttle control minimizes fuel consumption
  • Kubota Tier 4 Final-certified diesel engine
  • Completely self-contained and easily transferable via a lifting bail
  • V-TEC Vanair Total Electronic Control System allows for diagnostic and speed control including air pressure and temperature, engine rpm and fuel level
  • Panel includes automatic starting with glow plug activation and includes shutdown fault display
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