How To Save with More Fuel-Efficient Pickup Trucks

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Selecting which vehicle to purchase is likely one of the most important fuel efficiency decisions you’ll make.

The difference in fuel cost between a 19-MPG pickup truck and one that gets 23 MPG (like a Chevy Silverado 1500 Crew Cab with four-wheel drive compared to the hybrid version of the same truck) amounts to $1,002 per year (assuming 30,000 miles of annual driving and gasoline at $3.65 per gallon).

Or the fuel-cost savings with Ford's F150 Eco Boost at 21 MPG (for a Super Cab, four-wheel drive model) adds up to about $550 per year (again, assuming 30,000 miles and gas at $3.65 per gallon).

So how do you know which vehicles are most fuel efficient? Do your homework. Check out the numerous websites available for your review (see the links below).

Start with the EPA’s site for energy efficiency and renewable energy at The site houses a wealth of information about fuel economy in general, such as tips on driving more efficiently and a fuel savings calculator. It also features an up-to-date comparison tool to help you choose a more efficient vehicle ( Simply plug in your most important vehicle parameters and let the search tool suggest fuel efficient vehicles for you. You can even check out the most and least fuel efficient trucks, vans and SUVs at

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