Airworks Electric Air Compressor

Airworks Introduces First D.C. Electric Rotary Screw Air Compressor

Cn T235 11327508

Airworks Compressors Corp. is producing the world’s first D.C. electric rotary screw air compressor.  Utilizing the latest in battery and electric vehicle technology, the Patent Pending Twister E60 is suitable for any mobile or stationary compressed air need.
This very specialized air compressor offers an air flow of up to 60 cfm with zero emissions and near silent operation (64dB).   This unit will offer an alternative to mobile or truck mount air compressors currently being utilized in the market today.  It will eliminate the need for costly or inefficient under hood and PTO powered air compressors.  It will eliminate the need for service vehicles to idle continuously while at a job site.  It compact size and light weight means more room for tools.   Its operators will be able to move it from truck to truck with ease.  D.C. powered hydraulic pumps, compact welders and boosting systems are only a small part of the ancillary equipment that is available to work with the Twister E60.

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