VMAC Developing HVAC System While Eliminating Truck Idling

System will allow operators to heat and cool their truck without needing to idle

Hvac System Line Drawing
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VMAC has announced its latest innovation concept, the HVAC System for VMAC Multifunction. The HVAC System will eliminate truck idling on the jobsite, reduce operating costs and provide operators with a climate-controlled vehicle year-round.

“The HVAC System will be integrated with the VMAC Multifunction, making it the first and only engineered solution for medium duty truck-cab heating and cooling, eliminating service truck idling on the job site year-round,” says Mike Pettigrew, VMAC’s Marketing Manager. “The new HVAC System will allow operators to seek relief from extreme weather conditions, all without idling their truck.”

The HVAC System for VMAC Multifunction will offer operators a climate-controlled safe-zone when they’re working in extreme weather conditions, whether it’s sub-zero temperatures, wet and windy, or sweltering hot.

“Operators will be able to turn on the heat when it’s cold, and turn on the air conditioning when it’s hot, all without idling the truck,” says Mike Pettigrew. “In addition, the HVAC System will heat the truck’s tool cabinets, ensuring tools and equipment are protected from freezing and rusting, even in the coldest temperatures.”

The HVAC System for VMAC Multifunction is being designed due to overwhelming requests from Caterpillar dealers across North America for a solution to eliminate truck idling on the jobsite in all weather. VMAC is currently working with Finning, the largest CAT dealer in the world, to develop the HVAC System to their specifications and requirements. By eliminating the operator’s need to idle the truck on the jobsite to heat or cool their truck, fuel usage will be reduced and hundreds of operating hours on each truck’s engine will be saved each year.

Recent field tests show that up to $5,800 in fuel can be saved each year, on top of savings in truck maintenance costs. Reducing engine hours allows for longer intervals between truck servicing, improving truck life and warranty.

An added benefit to the HVAC System for VMAC Multifunction is the opportunity to lower a fleet’s carbon footprint and environmental impact. With many municipalities enforcing strict anti-idling bylaws, fleet managers can ensure their fleets are following these regulations.

“The HVAC System for Multifunction is an innovation we’re particularly excited about because it perfectly aligns with VMAC’s promise to give our customers and industry partners the products and solutions they need to work more profitably and sustainably,” explains Mike Pettigrew.

The HVAC System for VMAC Multifunction is slated to be released by 2020.