Thunder Creek Updates Multi-Tank Trailer

New "Gen-3" Trailer was unveiled at World of Asphalt and allows contractors to haul bulk diesel (up to 920 gallons) to the jobsite without a HAZMAT

Mtt920 Interior
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Updates to Thunder Creek Equipment's Multi-Tank Trailer (MTT) fuel and service platform now allows users to legally haul up to 920 gallons of diesel without a CDL or HAZMAT endorsement (Title 49 (CFR49).

  • The MTT updates are highlighted by a new electric manifold that automatically shuts off tank valves after fueling to ensure legal transportation and provide protection against users accidentally leaving a valve open, which could subject them to moving violations
  • Additionally, Thunder Creek redesigned the front-end of the MTTs to accommodate new customization options and quality improvements like improved door hinge design and a stronger DEF container shelf
  • Re-engineered tank design to increase strength and durability in off-road applications
  • Thicker-gauge steel on MTT doors, plus new heavy-duty latches
  • Added option of gas- or diesel-powered fuel pumps that deliver up to 30 gallons per minute
  • Upgraded optional heavy-duty 35- and 50-foot fuel hose reels for added versatility
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