Hops & Highways: Planning for the Future of Your Business

Matt Slawson has worked with many companies throughout his career and knows what it takes to see continued success. On this episode of Hops & Highways, he talks industry and business growth through the help of events

Matt Slawson - VP at Atlantic Southern Paving and General Manager at Paradise Pavement Maintenance has worked with companies big and small in his career and has seen many different levels of success. He will bring his expertise to both the IGNITE Construction Summit and PAVE/X and shares some of his tips for success on this episode of Hops & Highways: 

At IGNITE, Slawson will speak with other industry experts on the panel "You Built it, Now What? - Planning the Future of Your Company" to discuss the many options that are available to companies who are considering their future strategy. Do you continue to grow? How will you do that? Then what? attendees will learn f about succession planning, tips to increase the value of your business, timing of tough conversations and more. 

In January at PAVE/X, Slawson will tackle another tough subject: Job Costing, which can have a profound impact on profitability and competitiveness. In this session, Slawson and his co-presenter Shauna Huntington will show you how you can use job costing to make every job more profitable. This detailed and interactive session will also show you what it takes to develop a job costing system, how to evaluate the most profitable project types for your business, and how to use job costing data to assist you in proper estimating.

Attendees in this session will:

  • How to collect and report job costs to determine which jobs to take
  • How to improve estimating accuracy, pricing, scheduling, and even crew performance
  • Ways to design and implement an effective costing system
  • Plus, you’ll see how taking a few simple job costing steps can have an impact on your bottom line