Hops & Highways: Learn How to Better Understand & Grow Your Asphalt Paving Business at PAVE/X

Wayne Jones has over 40 years of asphalt paving experience and he will bring his expertise to the attendees of PAVE/X with two informative sessions. Hear his session previews on this week's episode!

Wayne Jones was an engineer and teacher with The Asphalt Institute for over 20 years after working for many different paving companies throughout his career. He brings his knowledge to two sessions at PAVE/X to help contractors better understand and grow their asphalt paving business. PAVE/X will be held January 30-February 1 2024 in San Antonio. 


Identifying, Preventing and Solving Mat Problems

Planning & Building Specialty Paving Projects

In this week's episode of Hops & Highways, Jones explain the importance of attending both of these courses and how they can help contractors gain a competitive edge in their paving business and even expand their offerings.