Careers in Construction Month Highlights Need for Skilled Workers

By 2023, there will be a need for 1 million more craft professionals and each October, the industry works together to raise awareness of the rewarding careers in construction.

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If there is one thing COVID-19 has proved, it's that the construction industry is resilient. Despite dwindling funding for projects and changing CDC mandates, our workers have remained essential to driving the economy forward by continuing to work hard to build America. 

Even with the demand for construction workers at an all time high, the number of young people entering the workforce has remained stagnant. Because of this, ManPower estimates that there will be an estimated shortage of 1.4 million workers by 2022.

As a way to drive workers to the industry, NCCER and its Build Your Future (BYF) began an initiative in 2013 celebrating October as Careers in Construction Month (CICM). Each October, they rally support across the country to raise awareness about the skills gap and the vast opportunities in the construction industry.

Careers in Construction Month is an annual month designated to increase public awareness and appreciation of construction craft professionals and the entire construction workforce. During this month, employers, associations and schools are encouraged to conduct job fairs, panel discussions and local community events to inform students of the vast employment opportunities in construction.

Need tips on how to start promoting CICM in your company? Here are some tips from NCCER: 

Go social. Join the #CICM conversation online and help spread awareness! This year, BYF has a Social Media Kit complete with strategies, key messaging and sample copy. Additionally, we have graphics available on their resource page with an easy download link for all of our social media graphics. We have made it easier than ever to utilize social media and promote all the benefits of a career in construction.

Find connections. This month is all about awareness and education. In order to successfully promote the industry, meaningful connections need to be made between industry and education. Use NCCER’s Connection Map to find schools, educators, contractors and organizations who are looking to connect!

Plan an event. Want to plan an event centered around the construction industry? Use the Careers in Construction Month Handbook to help plan your event. Inside find ideas on how to develop a plan, what activities to spotlight and how to promote it to different mediums.

Promote your event. Make sure you promote and celebrate your event! Register your event at for a shout out. Join the conversation on social media by tagging us and using #CICM in your posts!

Talk to students. Industry professionals can connect with schools in their local district and talk about the opportunities that exist in construction. With BYF's Industry Recruitment PowerPoint, complete with videos, images and talking points, giving an unforgettable presentation is simple. With minor adjustments to the PowerPoint, you can easily promote your company or organization and recruit some young talent.

Plan activities. Whether you are hosting an event, visiting a class or if you are a teacher that wants to incorporate the celebration into your curriculum, BYF has a variety of activities to help. In addition, you can utilize these craft trading cards and let students explore all the different opportunities a career in construction can provide.

Get competitive. I Built This! is a construction video competition that challenges CTE students, trainees and instructors to show off their skills and gain attention for school programs. Want to show off your program and construction skills? Learn more and enter the competition!