Trump’s Infrastructure Bill Could Come as Soon as May, Cost Over $1T

President Donald Trump's proposed infrastructure rebuilding package might cost more than $1 trillion, he told an audience of CEOs. The administration is still working on the particulars of the plan that could be released next month.

President Trump’s massive infrastructure package could be bigger than expected and be released as early as next month, according to the administration.

Trump had called on Congress to move legislation that would generate $1 trillion worth of investment for U.S. roads, bridges and airports, but he signaled Tuesday that the figure could actually climb higher.

“We’re talking about a very major infrastructure bill for $1 trillion, perhaps even more,” Trump said during a town hall-style event with American business CEOs.

The administration is still crafting the proposal, which wasn’t expected to take shape until after Congress tackled healthcare and tax reform. But since the House failed to move forward on ObamaCare repeal last month, the timeline for other priorities such as infrastructure could be sped up.

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