Tensar Corporation Makes Major Investment to Increase Geogrid Production Capacity

Geogrid output will increase by 30 percent in U.S.

ATLANTA (October 19, 2011) Tensar Corporation is making a major investment to increase the output capacity of its geogrid production plant in Morrow, Ga. Expansion in the production will come on stream in 2012 enabling an increase in output of 30 percent.

"Significant growth of our TriAx geogrid sales in the Americas has prompted the move," said Don Meltzer, CEO of Tensar Corporation. "Since launching TriAx in the Americas in 2009, we have seen a tremendous response from our customers who have embraced the new technology resulting in a major shift in sales from our biaxial grids to TriAx, as well as experiencing overall growth in our sales of road stabilization geogrids."

TriAx Geogrid has a unique way of interacting with aggregate road bases. The utilization of the product over soft soil can save customers up to 50 percent in construction costs by requiring less aggregate. It can also simplify construction and enhance reliability on trafficked surfaces.

"This investment reflects our confidence that TriAx growth will continue as engineers everywhere become more open to innovative, value-engineered solutions in this tough economic climate," said Bob Vevoda, President and Managing Director of Tensar International.

Tensar produces its geogrids by extruding a sheet of polymer followed by a process of punching and drawing to create a stiff grid structure. Increased extrusion capacity will balance the existing output of the geogrid punching and drawing processes at the Morrow plant.

"We have three plants that service our global needs," Vevoda said. "The Morrow plant serves the Americas, while our U.K. and China plants primarily serve the rest of the global demand. We will also be investing in a similar expansion in our Wuhan plant in China to add further capacity in early 2013."

Additional information about TriAx Geogrid properties and capabilities is available at http://www.tensarcorp.com/TriAx.