Tensar Grows Georgia Production Plant

Significant growth of TriAx Geogrid sales prompts investment.


Tensar International, a supplier of geosynthetic soil reinforcement and stabilization, has completed a major investment in its Morrow, GA geogrid production plant. The facility’s new extruder is now operating at full capacity, offering additional production capacity to help meet growing demand for Tensar TriAx Geogrids.

The new extruder can run multiple resin types and allows the facility to run longer production campaigns.

Significant growth of TriAx Geogrid sales prompted the investment.

“We are very excited about this investment and that the new extruder is up and running,” says Bob Vevoda, chief operating officer of Tensar International. “Since launching TriAx Geogrid in the Americas we have seen a tremendous response from our customers who have embraced the new technology. We have also experienced overall growth in our sales of road stabilization geogrids.”

TriAx Geogrid has a unique way of interacting with aggregate road bases. The utilization of the product over soft soil can save customers up to 50 percent in construction costs by requiring less aggregate. It can also simplify construction and enhance reliability on trafficked surfaces.

“This new extruder allows us keep up with growing demand for our products and reflects our confidence that TriAx growth will continue as engineers everywhere become more open to innovative, value-engineered solutions,” Vevoda says.

Tensar produces its geogrids by extruding a sheet of polymer followed by a process of punching and drawing to create a stiff grid structure. By increasing the extrusion capacity, the Morrow plant will balance the existing output of the geogrid punching and drawing processes.

Currently, three plants service Tensar’s global needs. The Morrow plant serves the Americas, while plants in U.K. and China primarily serve the rest of the global demand. Tensar is also investing in a similar expansion in the Wuhan plant in China to add further capacity in early 2013.

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