Obama to Congress: Finish Highway Bill Before Recess

The DOT has said that it will have to begin cutting back payments to state and local governments by as much as 28% if Congress does not reach an agreement on Friday.

President Obama pushed lawmakers on Wednesday to finish working on a bill to extend federal transportation funding before they leave Washington for the August recess. 

Lawmakers spent much of Wednesday squabbling over competing versions of a short-term extension that would prevent road and transit funding from drying up next month.

Obama said during a speech in Kansas City that it was important that Congress come to an agreement.

"We've got just today and tomorrow until Congress leaves town for a month, and we've still got some serious work to do," he said. "We've still got … to put people to work rebuilding roads and bridges. And the Highway Trust Fund is running out of money; we got to get that done." 

The Department of Transportation has warned that its Highway Trust Fund, which is used to reimburse states for construction projects, will run out of money in August unless Congress act to replenish it. 

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