Association of Modified Asphalt Producers Opens Database To Public Agencies

The Association of Modified Asphalt Producers (AMAP), whose mission is to promote the best use of modified paving asphalt to extend the life and quality of our roadways, announced that it is opening its archive of modified asphalt information to all public agency employees.

"Until now this extensive collection of papers, presentations and technical reports has been limited to AMAP members only," says AMAP president Jeanne Kendrick. "However, the AMAP Board has decided that this collection of information can be put to best use by sharing it with the public agencies charged with developing and specifying quality pavement systems at the lowest life cycle cost."

Kendrick notes that this expansive database has been collected from some of the most respected professionals in both the public and private sectors of the asphalt industry.  

With the help of a provided keyword search tool, users can access information on a wide range of modifiers and additives used to improve asphalt performance under a variety of conditions and application methods.

Public agency employees can preview the complete AMAP technical library at and request a password for full access by contacting Jim Sattler at or 330-714-4117.