Rotochopper Hosts Annual Demo Day

Guests from around the world visited Rotochopper's headquarters to see how to maximize the profits in their waste materials.

With over 200 attendees, Rotochopper’s 6th annual Demo Day was its largest event yet, bringing in guests from all over the world to see the “Perfect In One Pass” advantage live and in person.

The day began with tours of the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, giving attendees the opportunity to see Rotochopper grinders in every stage of manufacture, from cutting to final inspection and testing. The facility tours also allowed guests to meet the teams who design, build, and support their Rotochopper equipment.

Rotochopper’s President/CEO Art de St. Aubin welcomed attendees with opening remarks that focused on the benefits of working with a factory-direct manufacturer: “Today, you’re going to witness what Rotochopper stands for: loyalty, community, commitment, and service. This commitment allows us to create new products and equipment enhancements based on your feedback. We represent only one name, Rotochopper, and we’re damn proud of it.”

The demonstrations began with Rotochopper’s 950 hp B-66 showing off the convenience of a Track & Dolly system, coming in the yard on tires, switching to tracks and ready to grind logs & whole trees within minutes. Through the course of the day, Rotochopper completed more than 20 demos with a variety of raw materials and end products, featuring 10 machines:

  • 950 hp B-66 Track & Dolly
  • 765 hp B-66
  • 540 hp TS-2 Track Shredder
  • 540 hp FP-66
  • 475 hp MC-266
  • 400 hp EC-366
  • 350 hp MP-2
  • 127 hp CP-118 Wood Chip Processor
  • 75 hp RMT Test Mill
  • Certified Factory Refurbished 200 hp SB-24E
The day ended with Rotochopper’s trademark: a grind and color finale with a 950 hp B-66, and 475 hp MC-266. Attendees got to watch the machines grind & color black and red mulch side-by-side.

Customers and prospects spent the evening before and after Demo Day networking and comparing the ins and outs of various grinding operations and fiber commodity markets over drinks and dinner; as well as building friendships and business relationships that will prove fruitful for years to come. 

“Every year, Rotochopper Demo Day gets better and better. As a business owner, the experience is invaluable for me. I get to see the latest products and equipment that will provide new markets for my business and machine, and meet other Rotochopper owners and operators. The connections I’ve made at Demo Day are vital to the success of my business, I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”