Omni 318 & Omni 1000 Screeds

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Available for the PF6110 tracked and PF6160 and PF6170 wheeled asphalt pavers, the Omni 318 and Omni 1000 vibratory screeds enable multiple configurations on a single paver to accommodate various mix designs and paving requirements.

  • Omni 318 suited for most paving jobs with a standard paving width of 10 to 18.25 ft.
  • Heavier Omni 1000 offers rear-mounted hydraulic extensions, standard power height, slope and crown adjustments and standard paving width of 10 to 19.5 ft.
  • Innovative heat bar technology provides uniform heat to the screed
  • Available with optional extensions for paving widths up to 26 ft.
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