UltraFuse Bond Coat

Fast-curing polymer-modified tack coat claims to add 10% to pavement life and could double life of thin overlays

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Ultrafuse is a polymer-modified tack coat formulated to cure hard enough that it won't track 20 seconds after application. The overlay's heat re-liquefies Ultrafuse, and it is said to migrate up into the mix to form an adhesive bond and seal so strong between the existing surface and overlay that it will add "at least 10% extra life to a pavement and could up to double the life of thin mix overlays."

  • Apply hot (300+ degrees F) with existing asphalt distributers
  • Cures hard to the touch in seconds
  • Ready for asphalt overlay within 20 seconds

Video: How Does Blackllide Emulsions' UltraFuse Bond Coat Work

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