NeSilex Silica Dust Suppressant

NeSilex was designed to protect workers and exceed OSHA silica standards

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NeSilex is formulated specifically to reduce worker exposure to respirable crystalline silica dust.

  • Recommended for any dust-producing construction activity including: milling, sweeping, crushing, mining, sawing, jackhammering, earth-moving and grading
  • Contains specially formulated surfactants, wetting and agglomerating agents causing dust particulates to saturate and attract to each other
  • This process allows for effective and efficient dust suppression, reducing silica dust inhalation by workers and the surrounding public
  • Initial testing has shown up to 100% reduction in respirable silica dust in certain construction activities
  • Using NeSilex™ will ensure that contractors meet OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1926.1153 Table 1 guidelines for exemption of employee exposure assessment for certain construction activities
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