ACE Fiber FRAC Solution Fiber Additive


When ACE Fiber is mixed into asphalt, it disperses over 19 million aramid fibers throughout each ton of mix to provide 3-dimensional reinforcement that increases the asphalts resistance to reflective cracking, rutting, fatigue and increased life expectancy.

  • ACE Fibers are 5 times stronger than steel and add strength to asphalt pavement in all directions
  • ACE's superior delivery system ensures efficient and thorough distribution and mixing of the Sasobit and18 millionfibers that go into each ton of asphalt
  • When distributed and mixed, the Sasobit coated fibers provide 3D reinforcement and property enhancements throughout the entire asphalt mix and finished pavement or overlay
  • Design asphalt mix without fiber and do not alter the final mix design for the addition of fiber at the plant. Use the dosage rate of 4.2 ounces per ton of asphalt mix of (which 2.1 ounces is pure aramid)
  • The fiber addition tolerance allowed shall be no less than 4.2 oz. and not more than 8.0 oz. per ton of asphalt mix
  • ACE fiber contains 50% actual aramid fiber and 50% actual Sasobit LM wax by weight
  • [VIDEO] Ace Fiber Technology
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