Think Twice Before You Use Company Vehicles to Voice Your Political Views

Contractors who put political bumper stickers on their company vehicles run the risk of losing customers.

I was driving down the road the other day and saw an equipment trailer decorated with four political bumper stickers. My curiosity got the best of me so I sped up a little to see if the truck towing the trailer belonged to a contractor or a DIYer. I was surprised to see the truck did belong to a contracting firm, with the company name and contact information on the driver's side door.

We live in a free country, and freedom of speech is a First Amendment right for everyone. However, there are some instances when I think people need to think twice before they exercise that right. With a country so politically divided between the two parties, contractors who openly support political candidates over others by putting bumper stickers on their company trucks and trailers run the risk of losing business from customers and potential customers who think differently.

Supporting a certain Republican, Democrat or other political party candidate has no effect on your end product. Don't run the risk of giving a customer a reason to choose your competitor.

More company vehicle dos and don'ts

Your company vehicles and your drivers can leave an impression on your customers and potential customers who see them. Here are some more tips to help avoid negative assumptions and potential business loss related to company vehicles and trailers.

  • Keep company vehicles and trailers clean and tidy.
  • Remind your employees that when they are driving around with your company name on the side of the car they are representing your company and its reputation. Remind them to be courteous drivers and to avoid road rage hand and finger gestures.
  • Make sure your company name and contact information is easy to read -- don't miss out on this free advertising opportunity.