Sustainable construction is here to stay

We’ve been busy here at Sustainable Construction magazine . . . conducting research on the sustainable construction industry. Our research is ongoing (you’ll see evidence of this in our digital publication and on our website but we want to share what we’ve confirmed so far — the sustainable construction/green building market is here to stay.

Sustainable/green building has grown from a tiny fraction of the building industry to nearly 25% of all nonresidential construction in 2010. In other words, the building industry has shrunk since 2007, but green building has continued to grow, gaining market share.

Green building really is here to stay. Look for it to make up more than 25% of the total nonresidential construction market in 2011/2012 and up to 50% by 2015.

What does this mean for you? If you are a contractor, this growth means that you’ll have to devote more marketing, operational and technical resources to keeping up with this trend. You’ll have to make sure your employees are certified in a number of green building certification programs and working even harder to stay abreast of where the industry’s going.

The reward: a piece of an ever growing market within a basically static construction industry. It’s worth the effort, and you’ll be part of making the planet a better place to be for everyone.

Want to learn more? Watch our website for our 2011 White Paper Sustainable Construction is here to stay, which will be available soon.

Tara Ninmann, Editor
[email protected]