Take Advantage of Jobsite Signage

The jobsite is a vastly underutilized marketing opportunity for construction professionals -- you have immediate access to this venue and can benefit from its high visibility

Marketing efforts for a construction company boils down to awareness, and what better way to make new possible customers aware of your work than with jobsite signs.
Marketing efforts for a construction company boils down to awareness, and what better way to make new possible customers aware of your work than with jobsite signs.

Marketing your construction company on a jobsite begins before you even break ground. One of the primary motivations for using jobsite materials with your company name before, during and after a job is to connect what you build with your company name. Keep in mind that for most people it’s not enough to see your sign once. The marketing theory involved is called the effective frequency principle, which suggests it takes seeing the same advertisement at least three times to fully impress your message upon a consumer. To illustrate, imagine Company A specializes in custom homes. People that have seen Company A’s name before, during and after the building process will continue to associate their homes with the company name after the houses are complete.

A Construction Marketing Association recent online survey indicates jobsite signs are still one of the most effective forms of advertising in the industry. A certain amount of jobsite signage is mandatory during construction, but take advantage of the opportunity to prominently display “coming soon” signs beforehand. Signs should include an illustration of what’s being built and your company’s information. Passersby will naturally be curious and want to learn more; this can create a valuable marketing opportunity for you.

Tip: Many major cities are strict about errant signage posted haphazardly around a jobsite, so make sure to clear all of your postings with both the client and the city.

Walk downtown in any major city in America and you’re guaranteed to see construction. This visibility makes your jobsite prime advertisement space. Consider the size of an average billboard, around 300 square feet. Now, if you are surrounding your construction site with chain-link fencing six feet tall then a construction site the size of a football field would net you an advertising space three and a half times larger than a billboard.

Tip: Consider the opportunity costs involved. Although this article is geared towards promoting your company you should know that if you are building in downtown environments, some advertising agencies may be willing to pay you for advertising space on fence wraps or portable restrooms.

Connect your jobsite to your online presence

In all probability your company would prefer to target potential clients within your town or city. Connect to your online presence by displaying a Facebook URL or Twitter handle on the aforementioned signs, car magnets or fence wraps. This will ensure you are marketing your company to clients that are in a geographical position to take advantage of your services.

Tip: Zillow or Houzz are also natural fits for this strategy because they are so graphically oriented. Clients will appreciate the ability to find pictures of your work.

Finally, make sure to ask clients to display your signs after you leave. The more opportunities you have to connect buildings to your company’s name the better.

Katherine Halek is a Marketing Associate at Signazon.com, a leader in online printing. Signazon works with hundreds of construction companies each year to promote their businesses with custom car magnets, signs and more. Connect with her on Google+.