Tips to Build an Effective Marketing and Branding Campaign

Utilize effective marketing and branding tools to quickly connect with your prospects and existing customers and grow your sales

It is important to know and interact with your audience and align your marketing efforts to their needs.
It is important to know and interact with your audience and align your marketing efforts to their needs.

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Right now, the number of construction projects is rising, and that spells good news for businesses like yours. As of this post, there are approximately six million new construction projects in the United States. In order to best-position your company to acquire more construction projects in today’s highly competitive marketplace, it needs to stand out from the crowd. By utilizing effective marketing and branding tools you will quickly connect with your prospects and existing customers, and see results. These strategies can not only benefit your business by increasing its revenues through new business, but they can also take it to the next level by growing brand awareness and share-of-mind. This article discusses ways to effectively market and brand your construction company.

How Investing in Marketing Can Help Your Business

Conduct market research

First, prior to launching your campaign you will need to establish a quarterly and annual marketing budget. Once you have a budget you can move forward. It is important to know and interact with your audience. That way, your marketing efforts will align with their unique business needs. It is also important to know what your competition is doing with their marketing initiatives. You probably have a list of who your primary competitors are; so conduct research online to see how they are positioning their construction companies. Are they the most experienced? Are they promoting a certain scope of construction services? Are they the highly personalized and family owned construction company? These are some of the ways that businesses in your industry might position themselves. Once you do your due diligence and determine the needs of your intended audience, and evaluate your key competitors’ branding efforts, you will be better able to structure an on-target marketing campaign.

Five Creative Ways To Market Your Construction Company

How To Implement Simple, Budget-Friendly Marketing Tools

Build your campaign

With all the computer technology and online resources available today, building a marketing campaign for your construction company can be done in-house without having to hire outside marketing or advertising agencies. Press releases, email campaigns, direct mail flyers and other promotional tools can be created relatively quickly. In the event that you need marketing support, you can get it in a cost-efficient manner through an independent contractor who specializes in marketing copywriting, online content writing, graphic design or website design. Your marketing efforts can be used to get your message across with a consistent verbal (words and messaging) and visual (colors and graphics) identity across all of your media platforms. Finally, it is important to stay current with up-to-date trends when creating your brand logos, business cards and managing your website. Keep it simple, clean and relevant towards what you want to communicate and what your company is all about.

10 Marketing Tips that Drive Sales

Use social marketing

These days, there is no excuse to not take advantage of all the free and easy social media channels. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn allow you to engage and network with your customers and community to give your construction business the brand identity you’re looking to achieve. Social media provides an easy platform to sell your proposition and provide up to date information on current and upcoming events, projects and service offerings. You can also use these applications to promote your latest construction projects with photographs and written updates that can be uploaded instantly from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Social Media - How to Build Your Construction Company's Brand


Engage Customers with Social Media Marketing

Launch it

The most rewarding part of launching your campaign is the positive feedback you receive and the business that boosts out of it. By staying consistent in your message both verbally and visually, your prospects and existing customers will understand your brand identity and your customer/client base will hopefully increase as well.

Following these marketing and branding tips can enable your construction business to stand out, create a positive image and ultimately increase your sales and revenue goals.