Safety Quotient Personality-risk Assessments

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TalentClick's online personality-risk assessments are based on industrial psychology and determine select personality traits that lead to risky workplace behavior. This 15 to 20 minute Safety Quotient assessment helps identify the high-risk personality traits that lead to human error and preventable incidents.

  • Measures five core “risk” related employee characteristics which include: resistance, anxiousness, irritability, distractibility and impulsiveness
  • Uncover personality impulses can indicate strengths, minimize risks and indicate areas where employees can develop and improve
  • Once assessments are complete two reports are generated for the participant and the employer: self-coaching report for participants and employer report for hiring, training and coaching
  • Validated for use in industrial workplaces and has proven to reduce workplace incidents by 25% to 50% for new hires

Whitepaper: Using Assessments for Safer Employees


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