SEC Seeks Public Comment on JOBS Act Rulemaking

Before the SEC formally takes steps to implement the recently signed JOBS Act initiatives the public is invited to comment on the rulemaking

The Securities and Exchange Commission is now accepting public comments prior to making rules required under the new Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act. This allows the public opportunity to comment before the agency proposes any regulatory reform rules or amendments to the JOBS Act.

According to the Office of Advocacy for the Small Business Administration, "the JOBS Act includes provisions that require the SEC to undertake various initiatives, including rulemaking and studies touching on capital formation, crowdfunding, disclosure and registration requirements."

The SEC will also post information on its website regarding any JOBS Act meetings. The public will also be able to see what comments are being made about the JOBS Act by other public commenters.

A series of links on the SEC's website organized by titles of the JOBS Act will help facilitate public comment.

Read the full SEC JOBS Act public comment press release.