Inthinc Publishes White Paper on Speed-by-Street Monitoring

White paper looks at how inthinc's Speed-by-Street speed monitoring and coaching feature has helped commercial fleets reduce speeding

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Inthinc Technology Solutions Inc., a global telematics company centered on fleet management and driver safety solutions, published a white paper describing how the company's speed monitoring and coaching feature, Speed-by-Street, has helped commercial fleets reduce speeding by more than 80 percent. Using GPS technology and the largest database of speed limits in the U.S., Speed-by-Street provides real-time coaching alerts for drivers whenever and wherever they may exceed the posted speed or any threshold set by fleet management.

"Independent studies, as well as our customers' experiences, have shown that changing the behavior of drivers actually creates new safe driving habits," said Todd Follmer, CEO, inthinc Technology Solutions. "Real-time, in-cab voice alerts remind drivers to slow down, which in turn protects lives, saves millions of dollars in fuel costs and protects business by ensuring compliance with regulatory policies."

Download a copy of the inthinc Street-by-Street white paper.

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