ConsensusDocs Sets Record Number of Subscribers in Five Years

ConsensusDocs now has over 4,700 unique subscribers, an increase of more than 95% compared to five years ago

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New users subscribing to ConsensusDocs set record high numbers as the standard contract document coalition completed its first five years of operation. The coalition, first established in 2007, said it expects to see continued growth in sales as construction activity begins to pick back up after a years-long decline.

“As the market improves and the positive experience people have using our documents expands, demand continues to grow,” said Brian Perlberg, executive director of ConsensusDocs. “We’ve made a real impact on the design and construction market by writing fairer contracts that generate better project results rather than more case law.”

Perlberg noted that the coalition’s 2012 summer sales increased by 14 percent compared to the previous summer, setting a new record. He added that and ConsensusDocs now has over 4,700 unique subscribers, an increase of more than 95 percent compared to five years ago. The coalition now includes 38 leading design and construction industry associations, a more than 80 percent increase since 2007.

Perlberg noted that in just five years ConsensusDocs has become a leader in providing standard contract documents that allocate risk in a fair manner. Additionally, an entirely new technology platform that is Word-compatible and document management version control was recently released.

ConsensusDocs are the only consensus standard contracts written by a unique coalition of 38 design and construction industry associations. ConsensusDocs remains committed to keeping a project-first philosophy mission with contracts that are written in plain English, incorporate best practices, and address emerging trends.