Expand your knowledge at industry events

Contractors can learn and share about their businesses and the industry at concrete industry events

In a down market, most contractors are focused on finding work and building projects to make a profit in an ultra-tight market. Business development often falls to the end of the to do list. As the construction economy starts its slow climb out of the recession, it is more important than ever that contractors make time to work on strengthening their businesses.

Concrete contractors are lucky that their industry associations offer and support dozens of conferences, training events and trade shows throughout the year. These are ideal places for contractors to connect with peers all over the country, gaining knowledge from their insight and sharing their own ideas to help further the industry. Business management information, technical insight and valuable connections with other contractors and industry leaders can be gained at these events.

The next few months have a lot to offer in the realm of concrete-related events. Some highlights include the Rocky Geans Concrete Construction Business School, a two-day course on running a concrete business taught by one of the industry's leading contractors, and the ACI Fall Convention, a gathering of engineers, contractors and other concrete industry experts to share recent research and ideas. Contractors can also find events dedicated to specific topics on foundations, tilt-up concrete, sustainable construction, repair and concrete paving.

Here is a list of upcoming events that may be of interest to Concrete Contractor readers:

Take time to expand your knowledge and invest in your business by attending any one of these events or other meetings and training sessions held throughout the year. I guarantee you can't attend a conference or training session without learning something valuable to bring home and implement in your company.