LED Surface Light Modules

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The Meteorlite series now features two new surface mount LED modules, SYLEDS04 and SYSE4. Both are two-hole, flange mounted modules with polycarbonate lenses and have four LEDs per head. Additional features include multi-module synchronization; simultaneous or alternate flashing; 19 built-in selectable flash patterns; and the non-volatile memory recalls last flash pattern used. The LEDs are rated to 100,000 hours of operation, have reverse polarity protection, and are weatherproof and vibration resistant. The SYLEDS04 is a 12VDC unit with a maximum .6amp and is available with amber, blue, clear or red LEDs. The SYSE4 has a variable voltage of 12-24VDC and a maximum draw of .56amp at 12.8VDC and .28amp at 25.6VDC with amber, blue, clear, red or red/blue LEDs.

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