Raken Launches Toolbox Talks Feature Within App

Safety managers can use Toolbox Talks to upload company-approved talks, schedule talks across multiple projects and collect and download completed reports

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Raken, a top-rated mobile field management solution for the construction industry, launched its Toolbox Talks, an innovative new feature that streamlines the workflow of essential jobsite safety meetings and promotes a culture of safety compliance. 

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Raken's new Toolbox Talks feature significantly reduces the time and labor involved in performing routine safety discussions on jobsites. Typically, superintendents and foremen have to find the relevant toolbox talk online, print it, perform the talk, collect signatures on paper from the crew, and then email or fax all documentation back to the office for compliance. This new feature allows them to schedule and access talks directly from their mobile devices, collect signatures on the spot and submit proof of completed talks directly to the project safety manager. Safety managers can use Toolbox Talks to upload company-approved talks, schedule talks across multiple projects and collect and download completed reports.

“Regular toolbox talks are an important way to keep safety top of mind on construction jobsites, but organizing and managing them can be frustrating and time-consuming,” said Raken founder and CEO Kyle Slager. “The time it takes to prepare the talk, collect signatures and maintain records is a pain point we consistently hear from superintendents, foremen and safety managers. Our new Toolbox Talks feature lets them focus on their team’s safety instead of paperwork.”

Raken’s new Toolbox Talks feature includes:

  • Bulk scheduling: Safety managers can select and schedule toolbox talks for all their projects at once and set schedules for superintendents. 
  • Digital or photo signature capture: Superintendents can easily gather signatures by having each worker present tap their name and sign with a finger or by automatically adding a photo of a paper sign-in sheet to the report for that session. All signatures and their associated toolbox talks are stored and searchable so safety managers can easily see which workers attended which meetings.
  • Toolbox Talks library: Safety managers and superintendents can choose an appropriate subject for that day’s work from a custom library of company-approved talks designed specifically for the needs of their team, saving time and reducing the need for paper documents.
  • Toolbox Talks insights: A downloadable and shareable safety compliance report based on data collected through Toolbox Talks is now available along with other project metrics on the Raken website.
  • Search: A robust search function allows supervisors and safety managers to quickly and efficiently find the information they need, like compliance statistics, attendance and task progress.

    “Ease of use is really what it comes down to for me,” said Ryan Knoph, health & safety manager at John W. Danforth. “Raken’s digital Toolbox Talks eliminate the stress of having to chase down paperwork. And it keeps everything in one place. My days are already long, so saving time with Raken is a win in my book.”