Maxwell Systems, American Compliance Systems Partner to Improve Jobsite Safety

Safety tools and consulting services to help adhere to OSHA regulations.

KING OF PRUSSIA, PA - Maxwell Systems, Inc., a leading provider of complete construction business management software solutions, announced its partnership with American Compliance Systems (ACS) to provide a comprehensive set of safety tools and consulting services for construction professionals.

"We understand the importance of jobsite safety to our clients and their legal obligations to adhere to OSHA regulations," said Jim Flynn, President & CEO of Maxwell Systems. "By partnering with a leader in workplace safety, like ACS, we are able to offer contractors solutions and services to help simplify jobsite safety compliance, which ultimately helps them to save time, reduce costs, and minimize risk. Through this partnership, contactors using our software can be kept informed of their safety responsibilities, have safety training documentation and resources available, and consult a team of experts with questions regarding OSHA safety requirements."

"By partnering with Maxwell Systems, we can help more construction companies improve jobsite safety and meet specific OSHA requirements," said Robert Pignataro, President and Founder of American Compliance Systems. "Our organizations share a commitment to help contractors more easily manage OSHA compliance for a better, safer workplace. With over 20 years experience, ACS has developed highly effective tools and systems that enable companies to quickly implement safety compliance programs in a straightforward, cost effective manner."

This partnership will provide construction companies with safety-specific solutions, access to OSHA compliance expertise to more effectively manage their safety program, and capacity to avoid OSHA sanctions, fines, and penalties; improve their chance of winning bids; attain lower insurance costs; identify safety measures for optimal benefit, and more.

Maxwell Systems customers will have a number of safety management products and expert capabilities to help them streamline jobsite safety compliance and simplify the related paperwork and record-keeping. With a streamlined compliance process, contractors can increase their chances of winning bids; avoid OSHA sanctions, fines, and penalties; lower insurance costs; reduce owner exposure to civil and criminal litigation; and identify safety measures for optimal benefit.

Maxwell Systems will offer jobsite safety checklists that provide contractors with the ability to:

  • Pinpoint requirements and actions to take for each OSHA sub part - eliminating the need to read thousands of pages of regulations, thus saving time and increasing accuracy
  • Easily inform vendors and subcontractors about their specific safety responsibilitie
  • Reduce risk by ensuring vendor and subcontractor compliance
  • Track vendor and subcontractor compliance