Reid Supply Offers Visibility Tips to Keep Road Workers Safe

John Carrier, President of Reid Supply Company, issued tips to illustrate that fluorescent color can go a long way in saving lives.

MUSKEGON, MI - Most people do not give much thought to high-visibility clothing until it is too late. Reid Supply Company, a Michigan-based global distributor of safety workwear and industrial products wants to change that thinking with some simple tips.

"We want to lead the way in emphasizing the importance of high-visibility workwear and safety equipment to roads and bridges workers, or any pedestrian who must navigate streets where vehicles are present," says John Carrier, President of Reid Supply Company.

Reid Supply Company emphasizes that if you're a part of a road crew, other than appropriate motorists signage, there's nothing more important than making sure you're visible to motorists. Fluorescent-colored personal protective clothing, such as vests, jackets, pants, raingear and more can make a difference in potentially life-threatening roadside working conditions. Motorists may not be aware to slow down if they can't see roadside workers and Reid's entire line of road traffic safety solutions will help make that happen.

"We want to help our customers easily comply with OSHA regulations," said Carrier. "Through our marketing campaigns, it is our hope that anyone who works near moving traffic, knows that this high-visibility safety gear is available and easy to purchase."

OSHA considers road and construction traffic a well-recognized hazard to highway and road construction workers. Whether you are a road construction worker, a crossing guard or a runner, high-visibility clothing will increase your visibility and could save you from injury or worse.