IPAF AWP Management and Operater Courses Available Across the US

IPAF offers nationwide managment and operator learning opportunities in multiple lanaguages.

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Management Courses 

IPAF’s AWPs for Managers course is available from approved training centers worldwide in English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese. The course is not about operating equipment, but about planning, supervising and effectively managing the use of AWPs on site, and understanding the responsibilities of owners, employers and operators. It ends with a written test that candidates must pass in order to obtain a certificate. 

AWP Operator eLearning 

IPAF’s AWP operator eLearning module is available across the US in both English and Spanish.

“Together with supervised written and practical testing of operator skills, the eLearning module can lead to a PAL Card which proves that the operator has successfully completed the training,” said IPAF CEO Tim Whiteman.

AWP operator eLearning does not replace practical training. With the eLearning module, trainees complete the theory (traditional classroom) part of the course online at their own pace and time, using the same material as in a classroom session and learning the same subjects. The trainee has access to an instructor via e-mail or phone in case questions arise during the training.

Trainees who complete the online session must still pass a supervised theory test at an IPAF-approved training center and must successfully complete practical training and testing before being issued a PAL Card (Powered Access Licensed-Registration) as proof of successfully completed operator training. IPAF training is managed in the US and Canada by American Work Platform Training (AWPT), IPAF’s North American subsidiary.

“Whenever an operator card is shown on site, the person in charge should look at who performed the training, how it was performed, and what level of testing stands behind the card issued,” said Whiteman. “Some cards appear to confirm training delivered, but can be obtained in less than 30 minutes online. A PAL Card means that the cardholder has undergone a complete training program backed up with quality checks, accredited instructors, supervised written and practical testing, controlled class sizes and course duration, and a central register of valid cards.”