NITEGLOW Emergency Egress System

Niteglow Emergency Egress System
Wooster Products

Wooster Products’ NITEGLOW® Emergency Egress System, which includes high quality photoluminescent (glow in the dark) products to illuminate stair treads, handrails, door handles and door frames, and obstructions, so that occupants can evacuate safely in a darkened environment. 

  • NITEGLOW® two-stage anti-slip stair nosing meets NYC Local Law 26, 2015 IBC, and 2015 IFC code compliance. 
  • Photoluminescent abrasive provides a higher coefficient of friction (and more secure footing) than competitive products that include a photoluminescent strip without abrasive (which is the industry norm). 
  • Well suited for either new construction or retrofit code compliance upgrades.  
  • Heat treated corrosion resistant aluminum substrate and a nearly diamond-hard aluminum oxide filler assures long tread life under heavy pedestrian traffic. 
  • Bright, long lasting photoluminescent epoxy filler is free of hazardous and radioactive substances, extends uniformly throughout the filler. 
  • A high content of aluminum oxide abrasive provides traction and long service life and is replaceable. 
  • Easily cleaned with common commercial cleaners such as Simple Green and Fantastik.
  • Available in lengths to order, to a maximum of 8 ft.
  • Two-stage safety nosing includes a replaceable anti-slip abrasive-filled top insert, and a mill finish extruded aluminum base, with sure-hold anchor. 
  • Optional wood insert keeps aluminum base clean during initial construction.   
  • Protective tape also available.

Anti-slip filler includes approximately 60% virgin grain aluminum oxide abrasive which is available in contrasting colors.  Photoluminescent epoxy binder is a fully cured resilient epoxy with a filler ratio of 16% minimum for enhanced cleanability. 

Photoluminescent technology is also available with other Wooster Products offerings, including Flex-Tred® anti-slip tape products, for use on handrails, door handles and frames, and around obstructions to comply with the code.        

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