IPAF Signs Partnership With Eleva Alliance to Improve Industry Safety

This agreement with other trade associations ANAGRUAL, ANMOPYC, FANAGRUMAC, ANAPAT and AECE is a milestone in efforts to benefit the lifting industry.

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The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) has announced a new partnership aimed at improving safety in the lift equipment industry. 

According to IPAF:

IPAF has joined the ELEVA industry alliance, launching a new phase of strategic collaboration for safety in the sectors it represents. This agreement with other trade associations ANAGRUAL, ANMOPYC, FANAGRUMAC, ANAPAT and AECE marks a significant milestone in unifying efforts to benefit the lifting industry.

Joining Forces for Safety

The ELEVA Alliance, based on principles of trust and mutual respect, seeks to harness collaboration in areas of common interest to benefit all the industries that the associations represent. IPAF, the recognised international federation for safety in the powered access industry, joins as a supporting member, strengthening collaboration with this sector of the industry.

The agreement was formalised during the recent SMOPYC exhibition in Zaragoza, with Enrique García, chair of IPAF’s Spanish country council, Romina Vanzi, head of regional development and Ainara Greño, Spain regional manager, on behalf of IPAF and on behalf of ELEVA, the secretaries general of the board of directors: Antonio Casado and Alfonso de la Lama-Noriega (ANAPAT), Juan Pablo Viniegra (AECE), David Ruíz (ANAGRUAL) and Jorge Cuartero (ANMOPYC).

Vanzi said, "Joining forces is the key to supporting the industry in. This agreement reflects our continued commitment to safety and above all providing a good service to our members.

Greño highlighted the continuity of the collaboration, "The agreement with ANAPAT five years ago, has really benefitted members in both organizations. IPAF's entry into ELEVA is a natural progression and will further strengthen our collaboration to advance safety and best practices.

The ELEVA Steering Committee stresses that "the addition of IPAF to ELEVA as a strategic partner for safety issues further strengthens the Alliance and gives us more resources to do 'more and better' for the benefit of the lifting industry we represent.

Commitments and Opportunities

IPAF, as a supporting member, will actively participate in the ELEVA AGMs, contributing its safety expertise and knowledge. The Federation is also free to propose initiatives and projects related to safety in the use of equipment, machinery and vehicles.

The agreement establishes a joint commitment to stimulate projects of common interest and to collaborate in the development of ELEVA's activity. Both parties express their interest in active collaborations, either through specific actions or through financial support to the activities of the Alliance.

Vision for the Future

The agreement, initially for a duration of one year, will be automatically renewed on an annual basis, subject to neither party objecting. Representatives of both parties highlight the enthusiasm for this strategic collaboration, underlining the importance of joining forces to improve safety and efficiency in the sector.