Simonson: How the American Jobs Act Might Play Out

Construction News Tracker gets exclusive analysis of Obama's proposal from AGC's chief economist

The September 22 edition of Construction News Tracker gets Chief Economist Ken Simonson’s forecast on how quickly construction spending planned in President Obama’s American Jobs Act might start generating jobs, based on experience with the first stimulus program and the current situation in the states. He also talks about how the bill, if it passes, might influence formulation of new surface-transportation legislation.

We also cover:

  • The extension of surface transportation authorization at current spending levels;
  • ARTBA's estimate of more than $100 billion in additional cost that might arise over 20 years if fly ash use in concrete is prohibited by new regulations;
  • Reed Construction Data's raising its estimate of the chances of the U.S. economy slipping into a double dip recession to 30%.