New MT Transportation Director Already Reshaping the Agency

Eliminates top management layer in first month in office

In his low-key style, new state transportation director Tim Reardon already is putting his mark on one of Montana government's largest agencies.

In one of his first moves, Reardon dismantled a controversial extra layer of top management that former Jim Lynch had installed over the 2,100-employee department.

Reardon didn't put out a news release announcing the change. His public information officer casually mentioned the reorganization to a reporter when responding to questions for another story.

"I don't know if I expect to make other changes," Reardon said in a recent interview. "I'm certainly open to anything that would be helpful to the agency in terms of efficiency."

Last month, Governor Brian Schweitzer tapped Reardon to be the new transportation director after seeking former director Jim Lynch's resignation. Reardon had been the department's chief legal counsel for 17 years.

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