Shovel-Ready Series: Five Bridges Obama Should Fix Now

Which bridge projects do you think should be immediate priorities?

Assuming President Obama can enact some road spending of his American Jobs Act, which projects should be priorities? The has chosen five to get the conversation started.

  • The Verrazano Bridge
  • Liberty Street Bridge
  • D.C.’s 11th Street Bridge
  • The Goethals Bridge
  • Lake Shore Drive Bridge

There are plenty of factors to weigh in making a choice — the bridges in the greatest state of disrepair, the bridges with the greatest daily volume, the existing federal requirements (environmental studies, etc.) that can/will delay certain projects for years, and perhaps most of all, the presence of a funding plan (no one is kidding themselves that the government will be picking up the entire bill for any large bridge project).

Which do you think should be priorities?

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