OK Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Road-Funding Bill Challenge

(NewsOK) - Attorney who filed the legal challenge says he's unsure whether he will pursue the matter in Oklahoma County District Court.

The Oklahoma state Supreme Court has refused to hear a challenge to a measure passed this year that deals with future appropriations to the state Transportation Department and transferring $101.7 million from the agency for other purposes this fiscal year.

The high court denied an application to take up the case.

Jerry Fent, an Oklahoma City attorney, could file the challenge in Oklahoma County District Court. He said Wednesday he is uncertain whether he will pursue the matter.

Fent said the measure, Senate Bill 976, violated the state constitution's "one subject matter" rule. He said the issues should have been handled in separate bills.

The bill increases the amount of money that automatically is placed into a Transportation Department fund. It also authorizes the transfer of $101.7 million in state fuel tax revenue from the Transportation Department to the state treasurer's office to fund agencies not involved in road and bridge construction and maintenance this fiscal year, which began July 1.

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